Tuesday, October 21, 2008

League School of Greater Boston

League School of Greater Boston

For more than 40 years, the League School of Greater Boston has been a leading educator of children and young adults with autism spectrum disorder. As one of the first schools to specialize in teaching children with autism, League’s approach is built on innovation as well as established programs that have proven to help students reach their greatest potential.

Our year-round, private educational program offers a full range of social, academic, behavioral and community-life-skills curricula to meet the individual strengths and needs of our diverse population. Our team approach allows for both a comprehensive and tailored program, building on the expertise of each staff member and the potential of each student.

Students, from ages 3 – 22, work on and build academic, vocational and social skills in our specially designed educational facility. In addition to reading, math, science and social studies, they have a full array of services: social pragmatics, communication, sensory integration, occupational therapy and behavior therapy. Programs also include art, music and physical education classes.

In tandem with our strong academic environment we create a student-centered atmosphere to help our students develop a sense of community – and friendships – within the comfort of the school. During Club Times, students participate in extracurricular activities such as chorus, cooperative board games, science and nature activities, and karaoke singing. Our student council schedules many fun activities throughout the year, including Crazy Hat Day, Hawaiian Day and Red Sox Pride Day. And families have the opportunity to participate in celebrating their children’s accomplishments at concerts, talent shows and family days.

At the League School, we see each student as an individual. We see our students as children first and then as children with a disability. Autism spectrum disorder is a lifelong disability and we therefore seek to provide each child with the skill sets they need to achieve their greatest potential while at school and later in their community.

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